Our own HO Model Subway Station Kit

Check out our slide show of the station at the bottom of this page!

We are proud to offer our very own Model Subway Station Kit.  The kit, once built in 2 sections.  Each section is 24" long, that can be used either as 2 small stations or put together to make 1 long station.  It is designed with 2 different styles entrances/exits in each section, so if used separately they both will look different.  The stations are generic, no station names are posted so you can call it what ever you like.

What's in the box:

  1. 46 pieces of balsa wood. All pieces are cut, you may need to trim or gently sand ends of the balsa wood.
  2. 1 24" x 61" sheet of graphics.  Basically cut the sheet in half, you can't miss the separation of each half. After cutting, each sheet  will be 24" long, just as each of the station sections will be. Each half of the station is now seamless.  Our previous model had 7 different sheets 11" x 17" and each station used to have 1 seam on each side, so those who have bought them in the past, they are 100% better.

The kit uses a combination of balsa wood and our own printed graphics.  Most of the pieces are pre cut, you can use a standard white wood glue for the balsa wood part only. For those who prefer a regular station from our collection that we carry here on ebay, we sell this kit in two different ways:

1. Generic Style Station

This station has 2 sections to it.  Each section is 24" long.  You can use each section as a subway station that would be 24" long or you can put the together to make a 48" station.  Each generic subway station comes with all the necessary graphics to build one as shown in the slide show below. The stations are designed with no names so you can place your own signs on them.  They all have posters, stairway exit, turnstile entrance, no smoking signs and other items. the station itself is made of balsa wood, so it is easy to make any modifications if needed.  Some of our customers have installed lights, installed exits, and signals, so if you are a crafty person you can bring this station to a whole new level. The cost for this station is $67.50 plus shipping.  

2. Designed Station

The designed subway station is made from one of our existing backdrops. we take the backdrop and alter it to be specifically designed for your model.  The station design and dimensions will be like the generic station, only the graphics will be from the station you choose.  We cannot make a island platform at this time, so if you choose a backdrop that is an island platform, it will become a single platform subway station.  The cost for this subway station is $92.50 free shipping. If you want this station, just order the generic station. Let us know the name of the station you want with your payment in PayPal, and  we will bill you the difference of $25.00.

There is a slide show at the bottom of the page with photos showing actual Model Subway Station Built.

Model Subway Station Measurements

There are 2 sections, each is:

24" wide x 4 1/16" tall x 3 1/16" depth


Pictures of our HO Model Subway Station