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I Just Bought My New Subway Set, What Next?

Of course you can't wait to try it out, so you set up some track just to see how it runs. By now you are probably really impressed on how realistic they are and now you are drooling on how to make your layout. So you call your local hobby shop and ask if they have any subway stations available. Well, they say yes we have them, and its off to the store.  Well when you get there, with your large gleaming eyes, expecting a nice NYC Subway Station (or what ever city you are making), you are disappointed only to see him hand you a  station that has a few posters and a tiled section of wall, that looks like a freight station converted and only 14" long.  You look at him and ask, "is this it!?" He then tells you, "Yes that's it, if you want anything else you would have to build it or have some one build it for you.

The Search is on!

By now you probably have called nearly every hobby store in a 100 mile radius, and still get the same answers.  So your on the internet and you are searching and find some great sources, but, when you look into having 1 and only 1 to made to start with, you are told that it would cost about $250.00 to have a 24" section made for O-Scale.  At first you think, not so bad, until later when you are actually looking at your subway cars.  Wow, the set of 4 cars is just over 48" in length, i would need 2 of them to make them fit in the station. So like most people today, finances are import and now it is becoming a very expensive hobby and you haven't even really started!

So your options are becoming very limited.  You start thinking to yourself, well I can make it myself.  So now it takes a lot of time to build an actual station and to do it correctly, even longer. But you work, you have a family or other obligations that does not leave much time for you Model Subway, or you don't really know how to make your own, or not as handy with some of the details as you would like.

That's where we come in.  Using our backdrops can really beef up any Model Subway Layout. While our backdrops are not 3 dimensional, they do show depth and some dimensional properties in most of them.  (look at the photo below, this is an example of how a backdrop would look with a subway car.)  They are very inexpensive to use and very easy to assemble. You can make a nice looking layout or shelf system with our Subway Station Backdrops. 

As you are going to read below, these are very innovative and easy to use. Instead of taking months to get your layout to resemble a subway, you can really have all of your stations done in about a week!  You can make a single Subway Station Backdrop in less than 2 hours!

What is so great about a Subway Station Backdrop?

You think of it as just a piece of paper or a large poster hung up on a wall, right? Well these are not just hung up on wall. Subway Station Backdrops is an efficient way to make your Subway Layouts look great! They are placed along side your track and look just like a real subway station. They are fun to make, easy to build, unlike actual models. Face it, for a good model subway station, and not the ones that cost $30.00 (which is nothing more that an 14" freight platform with posters put on it and called a subway station), they are going to cost hundred's of dollars for one. I mean the ones that are going to look like a REAL Subway Station, not the molded plastic junk that is out there.

Our Backdrops are so highly detailed, that they look real, so when you look at one, you will feel as if you are right there in the center of the action.  Each Backdrop we make has all the details from the actual station. For those who do travel on the NYC Subway, you know that all the characteristics and architecture is there like the real station. To those who don't travel on them, there are many websites available for you to look at, and you will find that ours actually do look like them! Yes, I know models are 3 dimensional, but most of our Backdrops do have 3-D effects in them that makes them appear to have dimension and depth, and what's best, they hardly take valuable space away from your layout.

Another great thing about them, by the time you buy one model, you can probably have all your stations done and have enough left over to buy other scenery for your Model Subway Layout! I am not saying this is the total solution, but use your imagination, once you start adding other different subway models or kit, that you would add even if you bought a station, it becomes more and more realistic as you continue building your Empire! Just look at some of the photos here.


      Between the realism of the backdrops and the Sounds of you Subway Cars, you really have created a great little subway system of your own.  To make it even more real, we have created tunnel sections as well, that go perfect with our backdrops.  For those of you who are familiar with the popular Sea Beach Line, we have those as well. What's great about the Sea Beach Line, we have all the stations made in the "Cut and Open" type construction like the real thing. We even have the "Cut and Open" walls that go in-between the station. For those who do not know what I mean by "Open and Cut", it is the type of construction that was used for that particular subway line. A trench for the subway is built below the street level, but it is left uncovered (in the open air, no tunnel made, see picture below.)  

A Slide Show Of Our Most Popular Backdrops

  • 42nd St Times Square
  • Kings Highway
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • 81st Street
  • Hoyt-Shermerhorn St
  • 42nd St Times Square
  • Wall Street
  • 161st St River Ave
  • Flatbush Avenue
  • Queens Blvd